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At Lila our Guitar program centres around the internationally recognised ‘RockSchool Syllabus.
If you don’t pass your exam, you don’t pay! We guarantee that if your child enrols in our Guitar program they will pass their exams. If we fail on this promise we will provide you a full refund on your term fees.
Our Guitar program is a great compliment to the band program. We encourage all our students to take part in bands where they can jam with others and play on stage!

Why Learn With Us?

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Personal Touch: At Lila, every lesson is a unique experience. Our personalised approach ensures that the lessons are tailored to fit your individual pace and style.
Expert Guidance: With our team of expert guitar instructors in Auckland, you’re not just getting a teacher but a mentor dedicated to guiding you through every step of your musical voyage.
Renowned Syllabus: One of our standout offerings is our adherence to the RockSchool syllabus, an internationally renowned curriculum that spans from basic lessons to intricate guitar techniques.
Don’t Pass? Don’t Pay!: Our confidence in our teaching method is mirrored in our bold pass guarantee: if you don’t pass, the term’s fees are on us.
Free Trial: if you’re on the fence, our free trial offers a no-strings-attached glimpse into the quality of lessons we provide. Contact us to get started!

What We Offer

Individual Lessons

Individual Lessons

Our one-on-one sessions offer a deep dive into the world of music, guided by our expert guitar instructors. From guitar lessons for beginners in Auckland to the mastery of advanced techniques, we ensure a comprehensive learning experience.

Group Guitar Lessons

Group Guitar Lessons

At Lila, our group sessions combine instruction with collaboration. Perfect for all skill levels, students not only learn guitar basics but also the essence of ensemble playing. Join, learn, and harmonise with fellow enthusiasts in Auckland's musical landscape.

Band Coaching

Band Coaching

Every band has its rhythm – its unique sound. Our band coaching services are there to fine-tune that sound. Whether you're prepping for a competition or a local gig, our guidance ensures you stand out. With a focus on guitar lessons with band mentoring, we bridge the gap between individual skills and group performance.

Ready to Jam?

Whether you’re just starting out in Auckland’s vibrant music scene or seeking to elevate your skills with the finest instructors, we’re here to guide, inspire, and journey with you. Embrace the rhythm, connect with fellow musicians, and let’s create harmonies that echo across Auckland.

Contact us, and let’s embark on your musical journey together!


We cater to all skill levels, from beginner guitar lessons to advanced guitar training.

Our beginner guitar lessons are designed for all ages, welcoming young learners and adults alike to start their musical journey with expert guidance.
Absolutely! We integrate the internationally recognised RockSchool syllabus into our guitar training, ensuring a structured learning experience.
Yes, we emphasise the integration of individual lessons with band participation, we offer guitar lessons with band mentoring to enrich your learning experience.

We provide various performance opportunities, from local showcases to larger events, ensuring our students get practical, on-stage experience.

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